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idea, stage & performance

Mèlanie Bauer

Anne Juttner

Brian Scalini


with the support of

Palucca University of Dance Dresden

Technische Universitat Dresden

Hellerau - European Centre for the Arts

Freistaat Sachsen

What role does movement play in the perception of architecture and space? And how does the perception of space translate into the conception of movement patterns that shape and constitute our togetherness?


Dis-cover is the result of a thinking process developed from the idea of society expanding and adapting inside limited spaces. A fictive microcosmo in which social and physical interactions among people evolve and shape according to the possibilities of the surrounding.

Inside of the boxing ring installation “9841” by BEWEGUNG NURR, cold and artificial modules are facing warm and organic bodies. Dive into the atmosphere of contrast through a game of scales and change of perspective.


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